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Teeth sensitivity and decalcification go hand in hand. Great oral hygiene is crucial to improving sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth, take a good look at your enamel and see if you are getting the early stages of decalcification. White lines that develop along your gum line are a telltale sign of poor oral hygiene and a high sugar diet. Sugar in your diet combines with plaque in your mouth along your gum line to create an acidic environment that literally dissolves the enamel, creating a chalky whiteness to the teeth. This is the beginning stage of a cavity and a brown stain is soon to follow without prompt change in your diet and in your oral hygiene habits. If these white lines are appearing on the facial surfaces of your teeth, they are also likely to be cavities between your teeth as well. Get to your dentist and see how far these cavities have progressed before bigger expenses or extractions are necessary.

Comprehensive Dental Care



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