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Decay on your front teeth that goes deep into your tooth can easily result in exposure of the pulp to bacteria and infection. The infection in teeth can be solved without extraction but removing the pulp and sealing the inside of the pulp chamber and rebuilding the teeth. Afterward, the tooth is prepared for a porcelain crown, which strengthens and beautifies the teeth. Naturally, good gum care is important to the look of the final crowns or veneers because the natural frame of the tooth a esthetic result suffers even if the crown looks good. What you may also notice about this picture is that all porcelain crowns are able to mimic our natural teeth but when whitening the teeth beyond the natural shade of the tooth, you can start to notice the teeth that were not crowned. Perfect color matching to your natural teeth is an art form in dentistry that is perfected through years of experience with different materials used to bond the veneers and crowns in place.

Comprehensive Dental Care



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