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What is Teeth Whitening?

In a world where looks are everything, we understand why the color of your teeth is among the top of your cosmetic concerns. Thankfully, Dr. Levi Evalt Dental Excellence in Corry, PA can help you address this concern with professional-grade teeth whitening. While there are hundreds of grocery store whitening choices, we provide a product that has shown to be superior to any over-the-counter treatments currently offered. Our whitening services, highly recommended by top dentist Dr. Levi Evalt, can whiten your teeth by several shades, helping you maintain your amazing results for much longer than alternative choices. We utilize professional-strength solutions that actually work, reaching beneath the surface of your teeth to address deep stains, as opposed to consumer-level options that only scrape the surface (quite literally) and provide a brighter hue of yellow at best.

What Are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

Your natural, attractive smile may be restored by Dr. Levi Evalt Dental Excellence without the use of risky over-the-counter treatments. The upsides of teeth whitening treatment include:

  • Improved appearance: Teeth whitening can help remove surface stains caused by food, drinks, and smoking, giving you a brighter and more attractive smile.
  • Increased confidence: A brighter smile can give you a boost of confidence, allowing you to feel more comfortable and self-assured in social situations.
  • Long-lasting results: With proper maintenance and regular dental check-ups, the results of teeth whitening can last for several years.
  • No recovery period: Our solutions are made to reduce tooth sensitivity and other adverse effects following treatment.

Is Teeth Whitening Right For Me?

While assessing the advantages and disadvantages of professional vs. over-the-counter whitening solutions, you should consider what you are attempting to achieve. If your smile has been white your entire life and only recently is starting to yellow, a grocery-store-purchased kit could produce temporary results. If your teeth have darker stains, you may be an ideal candidate for professional-strength, in-office teeth whitening at Dr. Levi Evalt Dental Excellence. If you would like home touch-ups, Dr. Evalt may also provide take-home custom trays compatible with our whitening products for upkeep.

What to Expect from Teeth Whitening

What you should expect for your teeth whitening treatments depends upon the procedure chosen by Dr. Evalt. Since our practice provides several options for effective and professional teeth whitening, the process chosen for you will be decided upon after a consultation where your goals and lifestyle are discussed and considered. In the majority of circumstances, your professional teeth whitening treatments will be carried out in under an hour through the use of a professional-strength whitening gel, combined with the assistance of a light system that quickly cures and whitens the teeth by several colors. Our at-home systems are also effective but may provide a more subtle outcome over a period of weeks and months.

How Is the Recovery from Teeth Whitening?

After treatment, you might experience sensitivity to hot or cold food and beverages, but this usually subsides within a few days. Just like all dental procedures, routine dental exams with Dr. Evalt are important and imperative to preserving results. These examinations will check for the entire mouth from gum and soft tissue health and the condition of each tooth. Once the primary treatment is finished, we generally recommend returning for touch-ups a couple of times annually, in addition to bi-annual cleanings that will help your oral health. Bear in mind that just because your teeth are white does not necessarily indicate that they're in perfect health. That's why regular exams are necessary. You will also receive careful instructions pertaining to what food should and shouldn't be consumed in the immediate future, like coffee and red wine.

Best dentist office ive ever been to. My very first time there was because i was in alot of pain over an infected tooth and they instantly got me in and removed the majority of the infection same day. (Which never happens when going to a new dentist) took my pain right away. the whole staff is incredibly friendly and proffesional i love it here and will never need to find a new dentist now i am forever grateful for dr evault and his wonderful staff

S.M. Google

As a practicing dentist with over 41 years experience I know who to go to for my own teeth. I could go to anyone I choose. I choose to go to the best. Dr. Evalt is tops and so is his staff.

T.D. Google

By far the best dental practice I’ve been to. From check-in until I checked out every staff member I dealt with treated me with the utmost respect. They explained everything in detail and didn’t rush me into any decisions I wasn’t sure of. Dr Evalts wife is an all around phenomenal human, she makes that office!!! Dr Evalt is just as great! They make a perfect team!

G.S. Google

Best dentist I have been to. Made getting my wisdom tooth and old root canal out a breeze. Recommend 1000x over. This office makes me like going to the dentist.

K.S. Google

I have been recommending Dr. Evalt to every person that has mentioned the need for dental services since I first started seeing him a few years ago. He is aways extremely conscientious and manages to be prompt with service. Which is hard to balance. No matter how many or how few teeth you may have, no matter your dental situation,he will take the time to provide options for what you need. Best dentist I've ever had. Truly

T.S. Google


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Get the Bright Smile You've Dreamed Of

Whitening can provide quick and dramatic improvements to your teeth and very possibly your total look. If you have been considering a teeth whitening program but are unsure whether store-bought or professional options are the suitable solution, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Evalt to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method before you make your choice.

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Is teeth whitening safe?
When carried out by an experienced dentist, such as Dr. Evalt, or in accordance with the directions of an over-the-counter product, teeth whitening is usually regarded as safe. However, some people may have gum inflammation or tooth sensitivity. It's essential to carefully review instructions and avoid overusing whitening solutions.
How long does teeth whitening last?
The length of time it takes to whiten teeth varies depending on the technique used as well as individual elements such as lifestyle choices. While at-home treatments may need to be repeated every six to twelve months, professional teeth whitening can often last up to three years.
Can teeth whitening damage my enamel?
Products for teeth whitening are created to protect enamel. However, overusing whitening solutions or using products with high hydrogen peroxide concentrations can lead to tooth discomfort and enamel deterioration. It's important that you carefully review any instructions provided by a member of our team and not misuse whitening solutions. The ideal whitening method for you can be determined during your initial consultation with Dr. Evalt.
*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.